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Picasso Paving was formed in 2006 by Lonnie Dillman, an experienced asphalt paver covering a 25-year history.

Lonnie comes from three generations of pavers from uncles to great uncles.  Lonnie has paved from Alaska, all over Washington, Oregon, down to So Cal and New Mexico.   Lonnie’s paving career started in 1990 and has mastered the variety of asphalt equipment.  He is a proud member Operating of Engineers Union Local #302, where he worked on a variety of projects including large scale freeways, roadways, and airport runways.


Lonnie is very passionate about asphalt and brings the same excitement to his company and clients.  Paving is an art and every detail matters.  It takes skill, precision, and passion to create a master piece.  Lonnie's experience working on commerical, private, and residential projects has given him a vast repository of proven idea’s which can deliver the desired result for each job. 

Lonnie is focused on producing great results and paying attention to every detail.  Picasso Paving is committed to achieving perfection to the best of its ability, and guaranteeing all it's work.  Having over 25 years of experience in asphalt paving projects gives us the confidence to deliver the results you want.  


Picasso Paving would like to hear from you.  We are focused on creating a masterpiece and build a strong relationship for years to come.

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